Thursday, October 16, 2014

October Is Here Netflix Titles to Celebrate Mini Milestones #netflix #streamteam @Netflix

October Is Here Netflix Titles to Celebrate Mini Milestones

Recently I was honored by Netflix to receive an invite to their Netflix Stream Team! It was a big night at our house and a lot of  wooting took place! If there is one thing our family of five has learned it is how to celebrate! We celebrate the big things and we celebrate the small things. If it's important to someone in the family we celebrate it. So, it was awesome to me that the very first Netflix theme I was introduced to was Celebrating Mini Milestones.
It made me sit back and realize that sometimes it takes sad moments in life to make you see just how important it is to celebrate the good things. 

Below are some picks for kids all about celebrating Firsts! How many firsts have you celebrated with your children? Losing the first tooth was always a biggie at our house! 
Big or small, please don't forget to celebrate with your family. How will you celebrate?

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Mighty Ducks  The D2 The Mighty Ducks NA EST and VOD Poster Key Art JPEG 571 x 800   WDSHE UK Netflix

Akeela-And-The-Bee EN US 571x800
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Diners Drive Ins and Dives EN US 571x800 copy

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First Job: Good Burger
First Time Babysitting: The Baby-Sitters Club
Disclosure: Diane Sullivan is a member of the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions are that of my own and completely honest. Contact me at and everywhere else at .@3decades3kids! See you online! 

Free Modern Family Fall NYC Event October 19th and BIG Giveaway! #Giveaway #Modernfamily #Pumpkin #Fall

Bring Your Friends and Family To This Awesome 
"Modern Family" NYC Fall Event and BIG Giveaway!

Calling all Modern Family fans! I know I am one for sure! We have something very special in store for you this weekend! NYC-ers you are going to love this! The Fall experience is coming right to your door! This October, a "Modern Family" family-friendly Fall event is taking over Union Square. Families will be treated to a free, immersive Fall experience complete with an interactive corn maze (over 60’ long and 8’ tall!) and pumpkin patch. As guests journey through the corn maze, they will be met with several activities that allow them to test their “Modern Family” knowledge, retrieve iconic show clips through an augmented reality experience, and strike a pose before exiting into a pumpkin patch full of surprises!

The event will have numerous photo- and video-friendly opportunities for families including seasonal pumpkin patch with hundreds of art pumpkins, a 20" interactive gallery wall with clips from the show, snacks, face-painting, and more!
We’d love to invite you to stop by on 10/19 from 12pm – 8pm in Union Square.  

Giveaway: We have an awesome "Modern Family" gift bag (value: $200 each) including DVDs and more!

To Enter go to our Facebook Page and write down your favorite Modern Family moment or your favorite thing about Fall! Enter with up to 3 comments per day! The winner will be announced on Monday October 20th at 10 am and contacted as a reply to their comment.
Gift bags are valued at $200 a piece, and are each filled with lots of fun treats like Seasons 3 & 4 DVDs, branded clothing , and more, all wrapped up in a fun reusable tote! Prize will be shipped directly from sponsor.

Monday, October 13, 2014

You Are Invited to A Very Special Screening of The Best Of Me and Enter To Win A Blow-Out at Dry Bar @theDrybar #TheBestOfMeMovie

You Are Invited to A Very Special Screening of
The Best Of Me and Enter To Win
A Blow-Out at Dry Bar
“Courtesy of Drybar - No cuts. No color. Just blowouts”
Opening Nationwide Friday, October 17, 2014
Based on the book by: Nicholas Sparks
Directed by: Michael Hoffman
Starring:  Michelle Monaghan, James Marsden, Luke Bracey, Liana Liberato,
Caroline Goodall, Sebastian Arcelus, Jon Tenney, Gerald McRaney
Screenplay by: J. Mills Goodloe, Will Fetters, Michael Hoffman
Based on the bestselling novel by acclaimed author Nicholas Sparks, The Best of Me tells the story of Dawson and Amanda, two former high school sweethearts who find themselves reunited after 20 years apart, when they return to their small town for the funeral of the beloved friend.  Their bittersweet reunion reignites the love they've never forgotten, but soon they discover the forces that drove them apart twenty years ago live on, posing even more serious threats today. Spanning decades, this epic love story captures the enduring power of our first true love, and the wrenching choices we face when confronted with elusive second chances.

Look your Best for the BEST OF ME!  Download passes to THE BEST OF ME based on the bestselling novel by Nicholas Sparks and enter to win a blow-out at Drybar earlier that day!
The screening is on Wed., Oct 15 at 7pm at AMC Loews Village.  Get tickets here while supplies last: Remember to arrive early. Screenings are overbooked in order to ensure a full house.

As an awesome something special we have a perfection addition to your day! You can enter here to win a blow-out at Dry Bar’s midtown location earlier that day at 2:30 or 3:30:
Dry Bar-“Courtesy of Drybar - No cuts. No color. Just blowouts”. Yes, Please!

Friday, October 10, 2014

BIG The Musical! October 11-12, 15-19 10 PERFORMANCES ONLY We Have a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE!!! #NYC

BIG The Musical!

October 11-12, 15-19 10 PERFORMANCES ONLY 


Great news! Who loves the musical BIG!? This October 11-12, 15-19 10 PERFORMANCES ONLY will be FEATURING JOHN TARTAGLIA AND KERRY BUTLER!!!

Josh Baskin is just like any other angst-ridden teenager - he can't wait to grow up. Too bad you have to get through adolescence first. But when Josh makes a wish to be "big" at a carnival and wakes up the next morning in the body of a 30-year-old man, he learns how complicated adulthood can be.

This presentation of Big marks the New York premiere of the script and score created by the authors for the show's national tour - a significantly revised version of the show with eight new Maltby and Shire songs, never recorded and rarely heard.
Nature of Muftis: Quick sketches of Broadway shows that lets an audience focus on the story, the score and not the production values. With amazing Broadway casts, all done in an intimate 175 seat theater.

This is a new version of the show that has never before been seen in NYC. It contains 6 new songs by Maltby & Shire that are not on the recording of the show. Tickets Just $34 - Special US Family Guide Discount to Big The Musical - Tickets Just $34 with promo code: MUFTI34 @usfg

FLASH GIVEAWAY!! HURRY!!! #OneDirection #NYC #1D One Direction Where We Are October 11th, 12th 13th #FREE #Screening #Win #Giveaway

We Have ONE DIRECTION MOVIE Tickets For You!
Guaranteed Seating. Real Movie Tickets!
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Flash Giveaway

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Email me now at to get a set overnighted to your house! See the movie, Saturday, Sunday or Monday! Put One Direction in the subject line and include your full name and mailing address so the tix can be delivered by tomorrow!
Tix are good at Avaiation Mall NEW JERSEY! 653 W Edgar Rd, Linden, NJ 07036 only. See you at the movies!!

The biggest band in the world and global pop superstars, One Direction, bring
their epic ‘Where We Are’ world tour to cinemas all around the world.
Across one un-missable weekend this October, join Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and
Louis for their first ever-full One Direction concert experience on the big
Recorded at Milan’s iconic San Siro stadium, experience the concert, featuring
all of One Direction’s biggest hits, plus a 15-minute never before seen
interview with the band cut with exclusive backstage tour footage, all in true
high definition and 5:1 surround sound.
Release: In Cinema 11th, 12th and 13th of  October 2014
DVD: 1st December 2014
Run Time: 75 minute exclusive concert footage
15 minute unseen backstage tour footage and interview with the band
Official Website:
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#Giveaway #Contest #DOINYNJ @Disneyonice First Look - Disney On Ice presents Frozen Presented by YoKids

Giveaway: Disney On Ice Frozen Win a 4pack of tickets from 3decades3kids!

It's almost here! Win a 4pack of tickets to Disney on Ice Frozen!
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Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest 2014: "The Awakening" #SixFlags #FrightFest

Six Flags Fright Fest Is Going Strong!
****Gore Alert****
Looking for an awesome Halloween Fright? Look no further than right here in New Jersey!
Fright Fest is taking over Six Flags Great  Adventure in Jackson NJ until the end of October.
You will not want to miss this awesome time beginning at 6pm with The Awakening!(Video Below).

Fearful Frights



Additional Fee Required
Plunge into the twisted depths of a lunatic's mind, where doctors are now devils dying to perform surgical atrocities on you. [Read More]


The Haunted Heist

Additional Fee Required
Can you get through to the ancient artifacts without getting caught by the lights? [Read More]


Total Darkness

Additional Fee Required
Presented by 3 MUSKETEERS®
Are you afraid of the dark, of total darkness? [Read More]


Voodoo Island

Additional Fee Required
TV’s newest reality show has gone horribly wrong. [Read More]



Additional Fee Required
Presented by MILKY WAY®
In the war of man vs. science, sometimes man needs to learn his subservient place in the world...or risk horrific mutation. [Read More]


Circus Psycho

Creepy clowns have taken over the midway of the Boardwalk section. Watch your back, because they're known for destroying your fun, and possibly your life. [Read More]


The Bloody Fountain

Colonial zombies roam the Liberty Fountain and Main Street area, waiting to feast on the brains of guests who pass too close. [Read More]


Bone Butcher Terror-Tory

Western zombies have returned from the ground to seek revenge on the living and terrorize those who travel through Frontier Adventures.[Read More]


The Manor

Additional Fee Required
Presented by Göt2b®
Only the brave will survive the haunted hallways of The Manor, while the weak will succumb to the terror around every corner. In The Golden Kingdom. [Read More]


Crop Circles

Additional Fee Required
Generally the scarecrows are the ones protecting the crops from the birds. But where do you turn when you're the one who needs protecting from the aliens who are not afraid of the scarecrows? [Read More]



The Awakening

It looks like a parade, but it's really a funeral procession. Every Halloween, Dr. Fright holds The Awakening to release his zombies and monstrous creations. [Read More]


Dead Man’s Party

Presented by McDonalds
You're invited to the biggest dance in town, but rumor speculates that a revengeful party guest will be making an appearance after the deadly incident a few years back. [Read More]


Circus of Thrills

Presented by DOVE® Chocolate
Watch these circus acts predict their fate with the Globe of Death, Wheel of Destiny, and other dangerous thrills. [Read More]


The Ghoulmaster’s Ghosts

Presented by TWIX®
The Barnes family was new to the neighborhood... and dying to fit in. They didn't know how hard it would be, just to stay alive. [Read More]


Professor Zombini’s Freak Show

Presented by M&M’S®
Even the performers in a Freak Show don't like being called Freaks. Some people never learn, and those who don't are rarely seen again.[Read More]

Spine-Chilling Adventures


SkyScreamer of Doom

The greatest scientific minds in New Jersey have gone mad trying to understand the deadly and befuddling mystery hidden deep within one of the most scariest and brain melting rides in the world. [Read More]



Right below the entrance of the Nitro a porthole descends to another dimension. What crawls out in the night is stinky, sinewy, and awfully fond of human flesh. [Read More]



There is a nest of Orc chefs living beneath DARK KNIGHT Coaster. The delectable culinary creations they create from for our park guests make for fine eating. [Read More]



Leeches suck your blood. Snakes lick your eyes. And bats will fight each other for an unpunctured bit of your flesh. [Read More]


Superman: Ultimate Flight

A failed park lab experiment has resulted in thousands of cuddly white rats developing an insatiable taste for human flesh (especially teens).[Read More]


El Toro

A secret toxic dump right behind the ride is producing animals that crave human flesh. Rare. A bowl of shiny eyeballs to pop in their throats, like olives. Soup made from the blood and fluids of thrill-seekers. [Read More]


Houdini’s Great Escape

The late Harry Houdini is known the world over for his unbelievable magic and acts of escape. Enter a place where his spirit still actively creates feats of amazement right before your eyes. Will you be trapped in his ... [Read More]


The Haunted Swashbuckler

Tornado may be one of the most popular rides in the world, but it is also the premier residence in the park for angry, disillusioned spirits whose only joy in death is tormenting riders in the most painful ways imaginable. [Read More]



BATMAN the Ride has become home to millions of man-eating insects who have a particular craving for young flesh. Young skin – once smooth – bubbles, crusts and erupts with sores that itch, ooze, and contaminate. [Read More]



Underneath BIZARRO used to be one of the most profitable gold and silver mines in the south until a terrible incident that caused hundreds of men to disappear. The old track has been closed for years, but we're pleased to ... [Read More]


The Twister

It may seem like the safest place at the park, but it isn't. Twister is the home of the Sirens, beautiful, captivating creatures who quickly and painfully suck your brains out. [Read More